post no. 65 -- My Week in Pictures

This week was pretty action packed. Tuesday, the USS O'Kane (Kris' ship) returned after a long 7 month deployment. As some of you know, Kris came home in early December, about a month and a half early, due to him getting a hernia when the ship rolled unexpectedly. I was glad to have him home early, but he was upset about not being able to participate in some of the last few bits of ship bonding before they returned to port. It is great having everyone home again, and it has really made Kris and I thankful for having each other home safe and sound. I bonded with a lot of Kris' shipmates before them leaving, so when they did leave, I lost a couple friends for 7 months. No complaints though, now that they have returned! Wednesday night we went shopping with our friend for her Valentine's Day outfit, and had a ton of fun at the mall. Thursday was the big day for the dreads saying goodbye. Kris took me over to the barber shop and I got my hair chopped for a whopping $7.75. This weekend has been pretty laid back. Kris' parents headed over to Kona, the big island, and left us with their Mustang rental car. We headed down to Ewa a couple times to hang out at our friend's house and had a blast. We're now in the process of checking out some options for moving, but nothing's set in stone quite yet. Well that was my week in a nut shell. I'm going to get to bed soon, Jack is already passed out and Kris has resumed video gaming for the night. Hope you all had a great weekend, see you Monday!

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