post no. 61 -- Just a Quick Note

Just a quick note to say hello. It's 1:08AM, and we just got home from a friend's house in Ewa Beach, and yeah.. I'm jealous. They have a super huge house for the same price we're paying for our little base housing, 2 bedroom one story. A move is in the works, and a roommate. It shan't come quickly, but it cometh, so I'm content. In the meantime we need to slowly start painting everything back and deep cleaning this place. Keep you posted!


  1. I love the picture :)
    Where i live (geneva, switzerland) prices are so hight... You cant buy cause its too expensive, there is bank everywhere, posh riche people, scary...
    I'd love to find a little house in the middle of vineyards :)

    SOrry for my english unperfect...

  2. Same in Hawaii... if you buy a house, you only buy the house, and have to pay a lease for the land... so it's pretty much ridiculous either way. when I was 17 I went on this kick about living in Switzerland! So funny, to see where life takes us :)


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