post no. 83 -- The Move

As those of you who have been reading the blog know, I really want to move. We live right by base, right next to Salt Lake (bad part of town...) and we have been robbed several times. First was less than a month after Kris had left on deployment and our rims were stolen right off our Jeep... in our driveway! Second, my purse and groceries while I was unloading them into the house, and third, a friend's bike that was parked outside the house. 

The hard part is, the island is pretty limited. We have a monster dog (in terms of size... and well, destruction too) and I have a long list of demands. Including:

Wood Floors, Tile, or Laminate (at least in main areas)
Yard or Patio
Close to Parks
Washer and Dryer in Unit
Park, or somewhere to walk previously mentioned Monster Dog
Ability to house previously mentioned Monster Dog
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (minimum... 3 if we want a roommate)
2 Stories
and last but not least...

I don't think my demands are too unreasonable... 

The main problem is Monster Dog, AKA Jacklyn Hydette Pearson. I found a place just north of Kaneohe with everything we want, slightly over our budget, but totally manageable with a roommate. We're not super on board to move right away, but who knows. Maybe this place will stay available for awhile! 

Fingers crossed!


  1. Good luck on finding a place! That sucks about living in the "bad part" of town. Me and my husband lived next to a crack house and a slut house in our first place. Haha.


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