post no. 47 -- Overboard?

It's official, I'm addicted to Polyvore... I have been toying around all afternoon making outfits that in my opinion are adorable. I have little themes to each one. Let me know what you think!

Summer Swim

Coffee with the Girls

Winter Travel

Date Night


  1. I love all of these, especially winter travel, I love those maroon Toms, and date night is also lovely - those flowery heels are to die for xxx

  2. I tried to pitch to my husband last night that these were all affordable looks until I remembered the dress for the Date Night is over $1500 :P

  3. I LOVE Polyvore! I could waste hours, even days, on that site. Love the outfits! Especially the "Coffee with the Girls" and that black bathing suit is TO DIE. So cute.

  4. The Marc by marc bag in date night was the one I wanted! Don't you remember I almost bought it when we were in SD?

  5. I do... you should have, I would have "borrowed" it ;)


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